♥ Lenn's Craft ♥ Handmade doll ♥ Amigurumi ♥ : December 2012

31 December 2012

Lenn's craft Collection . Cutie handicraft~

Happy New Year 2013 everyone .. How are you? What do you do last night? Dinner with the family? Or play fireworks?
Hope you enjoyed the New Year's Eve yaa ~

As usual I will be exhibiting my work. But it's actually my work a few months ago. But I have not had time to post because the schedule is quite confusing.

So in 2012 I did some experiments in the world of craft.
As seen in the picture. That is some craft actions.
Crochet doll >> as usual.
Flannel / Felt art >> Rilakkuma and small cakes . (How cute and tiny >.<)
Sock puppets> Pinky Pig
Crochet stuff> Under monkey doll
Handmade roses> Side Rilakkuma. It was made ​​of silk. I like the roses. What about you guys?
Plushy> 3 mochi. Attention. It mochi cake! not the painted chicks yaa .. hahaa

I'm planning to play Clay in this year. Next time I would post my work clay. Keep reading ma blog ~. Follow me too yaa.

Btw, I hope this year we are moving forward. All the best for us.
What your resolutions?? MyResolutions pretty much.
-Develop my craft. Lenn's Craft :*
-Developing Fashion design. I also love the world of fashion design. But I did not dare show it. still ugly!

And it seems too many resolutions *dizziness*
The point I want to become a person that is "awesome" and growing.
Once again Happy new year * Kisses *

26 December 2012

Santa's Reindeer handicraft

As I promised yesterday. I will show you my work. Be reindeer Santa Claus. Considering we're still in the Christmas mood. Yuhuuu ~

Don't you know why Santa Claus chose reindeer to pull his chariot as a pet?
I've heard the story of when I was little. In short story, in the pole reindeer only animals that have a good heart and friendly. I think penguins also friendly and cute. Do not you think?
But the logic , let's imagine. if pinguin want to pull the train of santa. When it will arrive? How much penguins that Santa need?  lol

Well. they are santa's reindeer and her son. 

And when they had finished and ready to decor my room. Apparently my brother  saw them. and they kidnapped!! No! he really kidnap it!

Okay my brother seems to give it to someone. Who is she/he? *curious*

17 December 2012

Taecyeon and Junho 2Pm got gift cute crochet doll from their fans!

Remember the December 8th concert 2PM yesterday in Jakarta?
Korean Boyband is booming in all corners of the world. All ages and all classes. This time I will tell you my experience between my craft and 2PM.

Not because 2PM asked me to crochet for them. Or 2PM personnel suddenly came to my house and sing dan dance "Put your hand up".
If it  possible happened to me I wanna climb a tree before the house because I was too excited. Woakakaka *devil laugh*
Okay forget morron fantasy.

So there was a girl contact me , she asked  to make Okcat. You know okcat? Cute green cat is often brought on by Taecyeon!! Cute huh? Taecyon a manly bring green cat dolls? >. < Kyaaaa~ too cute honestly!

The plan when 2PM concert, my customer  would give this dolly to Taecyeon. Uhh I should have left a love letter and a picture of me for them! Understandably I was also one of the fans of 2PM. But the poor fan so I can’t go to their concert! hahaha

Furthermore, friend of  my customer also ordered stuffed gray cat. And it also will be given to Junho. Junho have  gray cat named Ggomaengi. Gray cat carrying a watermelon. Why watermelon? It was said Junho with fruit like watermelon. How cute the hottest for sure . They really know all bout their idols~
(call for fans of 2PM)
I actually change the color to red ribbon. but because I possess a limited time,  I ‘ve no photos yet.