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23 January 2024

Adventure Time Earl of Lemongrab amigurumi crochet plushies

Adventure time has a character named Lemongrab who has the shape of a lemon. This character is very iconic and has many fans. If you want to have this Lemon plushie collection, you can contact Lenn's Craft. Or if you want another character, you can request to customize your own doll. Find him here Store

Lemongrab amigurumi crochet toy

Adventure time lemongrab crochet toy

15 November 2023

Ragnarok Poring amigurumi crochet toy for Christmas gift

Poring ragnarok crochet doll for gift

Ragnarok Poring crochet plushie

Meet the Poring amigurumi crochet doll in a Christmas hat!"

This charming creation brings a touch of holiday magic to your home, combining the cute appeal of the iconic Poring Ragnarok creature with the Christmas vibe.

Crafted with love and attention to detail, this crochet doll is a perfect addition to your Christmas decor or a heartwarming gift for a loved one. The carefully chosen colors and intricate stitching capture the spirit of the holidays, making it a unique and joyful expression of the season.

Grab him here for more info Lenn's Craft


26 September 2023

Guardian of the Galaxy Blurp chunky crochet amigurumi toy

Introducing the Blurp chunky Guardian of the Galaxy from Marvel plushie toy! Dive into the cosmos with  your favorite Guardian of Galaxy Marvel toy. This Blurp plushie toy is a must-have for every Marvel enthusiast and action figure collector. This Blurp Guardian of the Galaxy amigurumi crochetdoll is sure to bring galactic excitement to your experience. Grab yours today and embark on epic adventures from the comfort of your own home! Find him here

Blurp Marvel crochet plush

Blurp guardian of galaxy doll

22 September 2023

Mario Bross Luigi in costume cat amigurumi crochet doll toy


Luigi amigurumi toy

Mario bross amigurumi plushie

Luigi, everyone's favorite mustachioed plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, has found a cozy new form in the world of crochet. The Luigi crochet doll is a charming and whimsical creation that brings this iconic character to life with colorful yarn and intricate stitches.Whether you're a fan of classic video games or simply appreciate the artistry of handmade toys, the Luigi crochet doll is a delightful addition to any collection. 

Find the Luigi crochet doll toy in my store Lenn's Craft or you can directly contact me on instagram Lenn's Craft Instagram

22 August 2023

Custom handmade crochet plushies from photo as mascot toy and gift for her or him worldwide shipping

Custom handmade crochet plushies from photo as mascot toy and gift for her or him
Custom handmade crochet plushies from photo as mascot toy and gift for her or him

Personalized crochet doll amigurumi toy from photo
Custom plushies for gift

custom doll for mascot

Lenn's Craft make custom dolls, you can send us your photo and we will make the crochet toy of your choice. It's so easy to customize a doll and the size what you choose, when you have a picture, you just have to send us the photo and we will send back to you a doll that looks like your photo. 

Custom personalize crochet doll mascot plushies from photo

If you want to give this gift as a birthday present or Christmas gift, don't wait until the last minute! Get started now the handmade crochet doll and customize your character! We can make this unique gift for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, graduation day.

When you are happy with your custom plushie, simply order it! And Yes !! We accept International Shipping.

Instagram : lennscraft_helen

Email : lennscraft@yahoo.com

 Store : Lenns Craft Gallery 

08 July 2023

Blurp Guardian of the Galaxy amigurumi crochet doll


Blurp guardian of Galaxy amigurumi crochet doll
Blurp is small pet from Guardian of the Galaxy amigurumi crochet doll pattern is easy and small procjet crochet pattern for beginner.

Blurp crochet doll amigurumi pattern available here Pattern and finished doll actual doll

06 May 2023

BTS purple whale amigurumi crochet doll pattern

BTS purple whale amigurumi crochet doll

 BTS purple whale amigurumi crochet doll pattern is small and easy project for beginner who learn making amigurumi crochet. It will be perfect for you who love K-Pop boyband and want to collect another BTS collection plush.

Find my pattern on Lenn's Craft , Etsy , Ravelry