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29 August 2012

Lenn's craft

Maybe you have not heard Lenn's Craft?
Lenn's Craft is selling cute stuff that i made in online. But delivery has reached almost all parts of Indonesia. Export Taiwan, and my work has traveled to South Korea as well.
Subscribers both from the students, young mothers, children, all age and even the artist management. Yeay !

What is being sold?? Actually  Amigurumi - crochet doll, Flannel cake , accessories and more. 
Almost all Lenn's Craft products are hand-made designs and my work. There are some also that duplication or modify as well.

Many people like to ask and wonder. Want to know the crafter Helen Lin's figure. A love for fashion design, craft. Some day I want to be fashion designer too.
Many also thought I was a grown woman. When in fact it still looks like a young child.
Blame me  why I was so petite.

Even though I was young, but my passion quite great. Much of the work that I make are my own designs and patterns made ​​my own. But some of the my craft inspired by another crafter. But I'm always trying to avoid the same as the property of others :)
You may also drop at my blog and get some inspiration as well

Welcome and enjoy !

I would be little showy and narcism selca photos and my work
 When I created accessories. (roses croen, fur single earing, and bracelet from cotton and bead)

Certaintly with my crochet doll. Hahaha

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  1. Hello, how much do you sell bts dolls? And do you make Vixx dolls?