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23 October 2012

Halloween Time Zombie couple crochet art

Halloween time? Yes, this week is Halloween time. But in my country we are never pay much attention for celebrate it. Yeah, just some people who make a Halloween party. Just for Fun and follow US culture, definitely.

How ‘bout me? Honestly I don’t know anything ‘bout Halloween *slapped*  I just only know, this is an event for people to wear their horror or unique stuff and dancing till late. And if I’ve watched televison, children said “Trick or treat”. Then an adult gonna give them much of candies.

Okay, how if I do same thing like them? I wear Sailor moon stuff and walk around the street. Then I shout “trick or treat??”  Will the people give me much of money? I wish it happened.

Forget my morron imagination. Then I wanna show you “zombie doll” . According me, it’s far away from horror or repugnant things. It’s totally cute!! I try to change paradigm people ‘bout zombie. Zombie doll, Do you think they are so lovely?? Hehehe

Sorry for late posting bout this stuff, actually it is my friend’s request. She’ve given to her boy. Hahaha. She prefer gave him Zombie doll than Couple teddy. I don’t know what the reasons. Maybe they are looks like Zombie? *peace girl*


  1. hiiiiyyy serem banget tp kreatif *_* bagus :D

  2. Do you happen to have a pattern for these two cuties ? I love them !!!

  3. I second that question. Do u by chance have a pattern for these 2!?