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14 January 2013

Flanel fruit cake

It seems a long time I did not share the results of my work of flannel craft huh?
I love to make crafts such as cake flannel. Why? because it can make the other person's eyes are full and that makes me feel too full and tease. They are so colorful and eyecatching. *cling*

Especially children love to see the little cakes that I make. So there is a sense be happy when they are happy. Even some child think this flannel cakes can be eaten.

So this time I'm going to show off some cookies actions. Very colorful. lots of cake , but we need long long time to make all of them.

But now I am  glad to see they can still tease me like a real fruit cake

Wanna buy one of them?? Just send me message and make your own design and your favorite cake>.<

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  1. soo creativee.. love it.. :)
    let's join my 1st giveaway.. ^^