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11 January 2013

Hijab handicraft doll

 Hey, maybe you're bored ya see my designs dolls that have hair disheveled. Colourful hair and ribbon on top?
Okay Lenn's Craft not lose the idea. This time I make dolls with clothes coat doctor and it turns out they are smart and hijabers doctor.

No doubt, it's the stylish hijabers. Still lokks pretty with their covered clothes. Nowdays many hijabers that appear very fashionable. Sooo I must make cute and lovely hijab doll too!!

I have a friend hijabers too. And so, I liked to see how to wear pasmina. Hihihi. Do not forget the small accessories such as brooches do not forget to accompany her hijab ^. ^

5 Girls and 2 boys. Andd they are doctorss 

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