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16 March 2015

Yoyo cici Custom-made crochet craft

Yoyo Cici,monkey icon that we often encounter in social media. I knew them first in friendster (social media like facebook). There are lots of expression. Well, I guess imagine them being a super hero, be a magician, and imagine Yoyo Cici engaged is it fun thing , isn’t it? Yahh today’s theme is “Dream and Fantasy”.

I think having a dream is something reasonable. Dreams are the basis of self motivation to achieve something. Without a dream,
it feel empty. Nothing special. Dream bout " i enganged with my man with my special gown " (ehemm). Dream if i were a hero. Imagine if i am a magician and so on.

During the dream was still rational. Why do not you dare to dream ??
Cause the dream you must be have a feeling “I must be like that! I must be achive that”  So having big dream  to courage your self and put more effort is Must!

Yoyo cici in fantasy

Yoyo and Cici wedding

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