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03 April 2015

Handmade island Crochet doll as known as amigurumi Lenn's Craft

Well this time I show a lot of dolls here. These are some of the collections that I have. Some of them are already booked customers and my friend too.
Pretty much right? Although deep down I wanted to have a special room for my craft and I wish i have a store for my craft and craft tools.

Now I’ll show you “My Tiny Handmade Island”. Yeah cause i haven’t the special room. My castle of my craft so i just show you my dream island. LOL

Then it remind me when i chit chat with my old friend. He asked "Do you ever bored? how long have you spend? Your work is just crocheting and sewing all day along. Are you okay? Do not be like a person who lived in under syone. Just hangout with me"

Then I replied that I am super happy what I’ve done. I told him that how I feel is same like when he Drawing and make lots of doodle. Happy ans satisfied.

Honestly sometimes we need to think about what work can make you keep the spirit but not the money that is the main reason. You should know what you really really like !.

While still young, I guess develop talents and hobbies is a positive action. And for me it’s a job that makes me happy and satisfied after successfully completing

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