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26 March 2017

Got 7 Handmade crochet doll by Lenn's Craft

Actually Ive not been following K-Pop boyband anymore. But after a customer talk about Got 7 , finally I searching all about them. My customer really want to make chibi doll form Got 7. And she want to bring them to Taiwan. At first she intended to give that doll to Got 7 members when they concerts in Taiwan. But in the end she want  to keep them for her collection. Maybe this is to cute till she can't move on from them.

I ever saw photo of Got 7 that they wore black and red attire. Then I searching other photo that they also wore cute accesories for head. I combine the attire and accesories to make their identity. Hopefully Got 7 fans can recognize them.

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  1. Can you tell me pattern
    I want to make myself cause I am aghase��