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11 March 2018

Gaelio Bauduin and McGillis Fareed The Gundam Wiki amigurumi

Hello Gundam fans, I guess you guys know the figures of Mc Gillis Fareed and Gaelio Bauduin. They are characters that appear in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.
McGillis Fareed is polite, courteous, and can be very serious about his work, which makes him seem cold-hearted to those who do not know him personally. He is analytical and thoughtful, and usually more reserved and serious than his friend Gaelio Bauduin, but he will have an occasional cheeky smile and does have a sense of humor. He has a habit of fiddling with his bangs when he thinks.
Gaelio Bauduin - McGillis works alongside Gaelio Bauduin, his inspector collegue and escort. McGillis is very open, honest, and relaxed around Gaelio and seems to care very much for him. Gaelio in turn is also very open and helps McGillis in his investigations. McGillis and Gaelio have a very close friendship and work closely together, and McGillis even goes to Gaelio's house.
So that's short describtion bout the character of these two characters is. Well ...good news is, Lenn's Craft can also make anime character like this.
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