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08 March 2024

A Beginner's Guide to Making Money with your crochet and crafting

 Welcome to the world of crochet, where creativity can bring new opportunities! If you have a passion for yarn and a desire to turn your craft into money and bussines, you're in the right place. In this beginner's guide, i'll explore how you can leverage your crochet skills to earn money and potentially turn your hobby into a profitable venture.

In this article, i'll explain my experience 13 years crocheting into practical tips and essential strategies to help you monetize your crochet skills effectively. From setting up an online shop to participating in craft fairs i'll cover it all.

So, if you're ready to turn your passion for crochet into a lucrative endeavor, grab your hooks and let's get started on this exciting journey of crafting cash!

1. Prepare a product to sell that buyers are definitely looking for

Make several samples and collections of crochet dolls that you have made. Make sure there are lots of people interested. For example, teddy bear amigurumi, bunny amigurumi, cat amigurumi or dog amigurumi. That's the shape people often look for.


2. Attractive product photos

Preparing a product catalog is very important. Both online and offline sales. Interesting photos are not always about photos with expensive cameras or expensive cellphones. I also started from not having good gear. However, interesting photos MUST be assisted by good lighting. Take advantage of lights and sunlight when photographing them. 

disney eeyore amigurumi

making money from crochet bussines
Lenn's Craft photo 2011

This is an example of a photo I captured in 2011 when I first opened my crochet business. Of course this was with a cell phone at that time when people were using Blackberries, I was still using a regular cell phone. But I tried to get sunlight at 9 o'clock near the window and used Photoshop for editing. Add simple properties to support the photo for example magazine and hat hanger.

how to start small business from crocheting

After saving for a while, I upgraded to a prosumer camera or digital camera. Still use additional properties, for example wooden branches, photo mats made of plain white cloth and of course sunlight is a MANDATORY.


Tips making money from crocheting


Arranging your amigurumi crochet doll neatly and at a good angle will produce good photos. Oops,.. of course I still use Photoshop for editing. Just basic editing, like adding light and contrast no need to be pro editor.

how to sell your craft and get money

It's been a long journey, I got lots of order from this crochet doll, the profits of which I used to buy more photo gear. I've used a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera and additional lighting. If asked why I always upgrade my photo gear? Because of the basics, I often sell my products in cyberspace. So good visuals will support traffic and buyer attention.

tips and trick make money from crafting 
After time passed, I added the light gear with a softbox. So now I use two lights on the right and left as lighting. Here I give an example that I also started from not having photography equipment. And I highly recommend taking interesting photos for a good catalogue.

3. Start selling your crochet craft online

We know that now is the digital era and of course we need to keep up with the times and take advantage of this opportunity. I started selling from social media. Starting from Facebook which was very booming at that time and then Instagram. You can choose your best favorite social media.

To do this, post your good photos on social media and you can give a caption explaining that you are selling your craft. Follow existing social media trends and take advantage of them by posting your craft. There's no need to be embarrassed about selling on social media. In fact, you should be proud that you can craft from your hands.

4. Optimize social media to get more traffic

If you start selling via social media, you have to optimize each of your posts.

For example, on Facebook. Create a fan page account specifically for your sales. Then join an active crafting group or crochet group. If you can't sell there in a group, at least you can get traffic from likes on your page account. If someone is really interested in your craft results. They will definitely contact you or at least visit by your page. Add captions to every photo you post. Tiring, right? But you have to do this.

For example, on Instagram. Optimize with a username and name that contains the keywords you sell. For example, in my account, I use the keywords Lenn's Craft and amigurumi crochet. Then, for every photo you post, add hashtags that match the keywords. Hashtags on Instagram are the same as keywords when you search for something there. And also you can take advantage of existing trends. For example, the trend is to make videos and reels about behind the scenes. You also have to take advantage of that to get lots of traffic.

In essence, you have to be willing to learn new things and follow trends both on existing social media and other content creators. The more traffic there is, the greater the opportunity for increased sales.

5. Selling and upscale sales on e-commerce and websites

You can also do this stage to increase your income. However, I suggest if you have received several orders from social media and want to upscale. Because e-commerce and websites need capital to maintain the shop.

6. Selling your craft on craft fair and bazaar

Selling face to face with buyers will be very enjoyable. You can take part in craft fairs and bazaars in your city. Usually this event only takes place on weekends and lasts several days. Don't forget to display your crafts and prepare business cards, brochures containing photos of your crafts. So when your stock runs out, you can give away your business cards or brochures. At least they can still contact you.

Items that you must prepare at the bazaar:

  • Your best selling product
  • Chair and table
  • Business cards and brochures
  • Paper bags

A few tips, you can take photos of the buyers when they come to visit and upload them on your social media so that lots of people are interested and curious about the bazaar.

Maybe that's all the tips and tricks for how I sell my crafts. If you have any questions, you can put them in the comments column and later I will definitely make other tips and tricks.


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