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07 February 2023

Cocomelon amigurumi crochet pattern


cocomelon red teddy bear amigurumi crochet pattern
Cocomelon mouse amigurumi pattern

ello elephant amigurumi crochet pattern

Cococmelon is a children's favorite character. Get Cocomelon bear, mouse and elephant cocomelon amigurumi pattern and start crocheting! Amigurumi are so cute, and they don't take much effort to make! For those of you who can crochet and want to make for your loved ones, you definitely need the Cocomelon pattern. You can get it here

03 January 2023

Wootteo the astronaut BTS amigurumi pattern


Wootteo the astronaut BTS Army amigurumi pattern . This little astronaut is one of the logo of BTS Jin and J-Hope.  Inspired by BTS the famous Korean Boy Band. It is easy amigurumi yet cute and suitable for you who learning making amigurumi. 

The size of finished doll is approximately 10 cm (4”)

Size of them varies depends on size of yarn and crochet hook. It will still work fine with different size of hook and yarn. Only the the end of finished doll will different slightly.

Find him  Lenn's Craft Gallery

24 October 2022

Stella Lou Tokyo Disney amigurumi crochet


Stella Lou Tokyo Disney amigurumi crochet pattern available here and here. Stella Lou is lavender rabbit that using ballet costume. Show your crochet skill and make the same Stella Lou like mine using my crochet pattern .

30 September 2022

Frozen Olaf snowman amigurumi crochet cuddle size

Frozen fans will surely love this snowman figure because it's cute and entertaining characters.

This is the cutest Frozen Olaf snowman amigurumi crochet pattern in cuddle size. It's perfect for any crocheter who loves to laugh and make people smile. Take the new challenge with this easy yet cute amigurumi pattern and will be perfect for christmas vibes. Find my pattern Click here

This pattern is very easy to follow and if you can't crochet and would like to buy a finished doll, please leave a message.

04 September 2022

Bloody Kitty amigurumi horror crochet


Bloody kitty amigurumi pattern

Halloween amigurumi

Crochet dolls are not always cute. We can make a scary impression but still cute and adorable. For example, this Bloody Kitty for halloween amigurumi theme with blood accents makes it seem spooky. You can make it too and show off your crochet skills with this amigurumi pattern. You can find it here Bloody Kitty Pattern

09 August 2022

Cute minion amigurumi pattern


Cute minion amigurumi pattern availabe in my store Ravelry and here .It is easy amigurumi yet cute, very suitable for you who learning making amigurumi.

26 July 2022

Anya Forger and chimera amigurumi


We know that anime has lots of cute and adorable characters. One of them is from the anime Spy x Family. There is an adorable little character named Anya Forger. She has characteristic pink hair and carries a chimera doll. Of course, for those of you who want to be able to make Anya Forger chibi dolls, right? That's why I also sell amigurumi patterns that you can get here Anya Forger Pattern