♥ Lenn's Craft ♥ Handmade doll ♥ Amigurumi ♥ : September 2017

29 September 2017

Baby rattle crochet (unicorn-bunny-giraffe)

Making toys for your beloved baby is being pleasure and will be a pride as a mom. My friend was excited to crochet bandana for her baby , she was very proud and happy about the result. Hearing the story, I also make a pattern for the beginner crocheter for make baby's stuff . And my speciality in amigurumi, so I made amigurumi for baby stuff. Ohh and don't forget to choose soft yarn . Because baby will learning hold rattle and maybe will put it on their mouth. 
Of course it is easy and there are already attached step by step photos that I explain.

04 September 2017

Woody Toy Story amigrumi pattern

Selling Finished Plush of Woody Toy Story plush and pattern. Available on Etsy Pattern for sale.
World wideshipping from Indonesia.

If you want to custom order please leave a message (you can see on my profile )

Lenn's Craft menjual boneka rajut aka amigurumi dan bisa custom ataupun pilih dari photo yang sudah terlampir :)