♥ Lenn's Craft ♥ Handmade doll ♥ Amigurumi ♥ : October 2017

29 October 2017

Batman Amigurumi Boneka Wisuda

Batman is fictional hero and I bet people know this character. Of course I made in chibi version to make him look cuter than the real character. Making doll in chibi version it doesn't mean we will eliminate the mark. So as my customer wish, she want Batman in graduation attire, I made the clothes as her charachter clothes of campus.

For Indonesia friends who interest to purchase this Custom Graduation Plush, just drop message (see on my profile)
And don't worry if you aren't live in Indonesia, cause Lenn's Craft ship for worldwide :)

17 October 2017

Cheshire crochet doll-boneka rajut Lenn's Craft

Selling crochet doll custom made from Alice in Wonderland movie character named Cheshire. Worldwide shipping from Jakarta.

If you interest to purchase, please drop a message. Of course if you are a crafter too, hopefully my craft would inspire you all.