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31 December 2012

Lenn's craft Collection . Cutie handicraft~

Happy New Year 2013 everyone .. How are you? What do you do last night? Dinner with the family? Or play fireworks?
Hope you enjoyed the New Year's Eve yaa ~

As usual I will be exhibiting my work. But it's actually my work a few months ago. But I have not had time to post because the schedule is quite confusing.

So in 2012 I did some experiments in the world of craft.
As seen in the picture. That is some craft actions.
Crochet doll >> as usual.
Flannel / Felt art >> Rilakkuma and small cakes . (How cute and tiny >.<)
Sock puppets> Pinky Pig
Crochet stuff> Under monkey doll
Handmade roses> Side Rilakkuma. It was made ​​of silk. I like the roses. What about you guys?
Plushy> 3 mochi. Attention. It mochi cake! not the painted chicks yaa .. hahaa

I'm planning to play Clay in this year. Next time I would post my work clay. Keep reading ma blog ~. Follow me too yaa.

Btw, I hope this year we are moving forward. All the best for us.
What your resolutions?? MyResolutions pretty much.
-Develop my craft. Lenn's Craft :*
-Developing Fashion design. I also love the world of fashion design. But I did not dare show it. still ugly!

And it seems too many resolutions *dizziness*
The point I want to become a person that is "awesome" and growing.
Once again Happy new year * Kisses *


  1. lucu-lucu <3

    visit my blog :D

  2. naksirrr bangettt sama yang 3 ituu.... kaya dangoo ya???

  3. len....aq prnah buat..adonany sprti trsbut diatas...tp gk pake tepung beras...,,adonany jd agk kenyal2 gt,agk lembek,susah dbentuk...,,pa emang gt sifat adonany??kok gk sperti lilin malam..yg mudah mmbentuky...,,mohon petunjuky len.........thanks z........