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26 December 2012

Santa's Reindeer handicraft

As I promised yesterday. I will show you my work. Be reindeer Santa Claus. Considering we're still in the Christmas mood. Yuhuuu ~

Don't you know why Santa Claus chose reindeer to pull his chariot as a pet?
I've heard the story of when I was little. In short story, in the pole reindeer only animals that have a good heart and friendly. I think penguins also friendly and cute. Do not you think?
But the logic , let's imagine. if pinguin want to pull the train of santa. When it will arrive? How much penguins that Santa need?  lol

Well. they are santa's reindeer and her son. 

And when they had finished and ready to decor my room. Apparently my brother  saw them. and they kidnapped!! No! he really kidnap it!

Okay my brother seems to give it to someone. Who is she/he? *curious*

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  1. Soooo cuteee... Lain kali bikin tutor beginian donggg *wink*