♥ Lenn's Craft ♥ Handmade doll ♥ Amigurumi ♥ : March 2013

27 March 2013

Family bear amigurumi

People love teddy bear doll right? Cute adorable and unisex. Mr.Bean also love teddy bear. Hahaha tough they are not same with Mr.Bean's. They were born from Lenn's Craft.
I also loved it like all of you. Some time ago I just had an idea. Why I did not make the family teddy huh?
I imagine a harmonious family, sweet and full of peace. hihihi. Looka at them > Papa, Mama, son and daughter.

I should also have to make furniture sofas and other seeprti yes. Let this family can live more happily. Maybe next time. Cause i still haven't idea to make the miniature furniture

21 March 2013

Monkey eye love crochet doll

Several day ago I had a new friend. He’s friend of my friend This boy is  fun, exciting. Early introductions because also of my craft, definetely. Last month he wanted to order. But since I returned home town , I told him to wait for me until there is time. Thenn finally I have time to him. Hahaha

He wants to a mini monkey with heart-shaped eyes and a runny nose. hahaha
Somehow there must be a snot.
Just so you know? I guess he wanted to give it to his girlfriend.
In fact oh fact It turns out for himself. Ihhh sooo cute.
Muscular boy , Diligent Gym, apparently pay much attention with my craft. Wkwkwk.
He wanted to hang it in her bag. OMO.  OMO so cutee

Strangely, he repeatedly said "Hey I'm normal!"
Whoo caree??!! I don’t car if you aren’t normal!!
Ypu should be proud can hang a craft made by Helen. :p :p :p

And here are some photos taken with cell phone cameras.
Taken in a dorm room, Surabaya.

 Taken with his bag and cute stuff from Korea. (Mini doggie)

15 March 2013

Miini Monster handmade doll

On this occasion I will show the results my crochet, quite simple yet unique shape and not bootleg quality. Monsterr Pinkie Pinkie Ulalaa~ Usually identical shapes spooky monsters and scary. But I accidentally made ​​a funny monster. The color is dark pink and polka dots purple lavender. This time I made a small size 7 cm high. Due to customer demand. She is ma loyal customer. 

I'm not a good photograher, and i haven't good quality camera. So apologize me due of uncomfortable the pic and the color. Hahaha.

13 March 2013

Boneka Rajut Profesi by Lenn's Craft

Banyak sekali profesi yang kalian tekuni bukan? Dan banyak sekali profesi yang memilki ciri khas. Baik dari bajunya, aksesoriesnya, atau alat alat yang dibawa.Namun jika aku disuruh membuat alat-alat pada boneka tersebut nampaknya aku kurang bisa deh. Karena bahan dan alat yang aku punya kan tidak selengkap alat dan bahan di toko. Hahha. 

Ada beberapa orang yang sangat ingin membuat miniatur boneka rajut yang menunjukan identitas profesinya.


jaksa dan PNS

Bidan dan polisi

Mini Stitch and Angel amigurumi by Lenn's Craft

I've always made ​​stich crochet with height 12 cm
Well this time I accidentally made ​​a cuter version. That is the size of a mini ^. ^
Height of about 8 cm. And this time I made partner of  Stich. Angel her  name. Her face was similar to stich just different colors being peach and pink and something that is in her head. I do not know what it is, or what kind of antenna. LoL

It demands a lot of customers who want a pair of the film Lilo and Stich.
So am I succsess satisfy your curious??

09 March 2013

Choco baby Eeyore

Let me show you something new >. <
Eeyore is well known the figure? Friends pooh, definetely. The blue donkey. But he is a super cute donkey. Are there any of you who also like this figure? Raise your handdss up  \ ^ - ^ /
We also known his baby version with light blue and pampered eyes. Well this time I made a baby version eeyore but with a new color. Which is brown. Curious??

Check it

Chinese Girl Crochet by Lenn's Craft

Hello all .. Chinese new year seems to have passed it?? But I late to share and show my work. Last month I was a little hassle to return hometown (Semarang). So now I'm only able to show it. By the way the 2nd of March  is my birthday. Hahaha. But how come no one gave me a gift ya. (sad)
If you a nice reader. Would you gimme gift?? *puppy eyes*

Okay forget it. Let's see who is still nuanced Chinese New Year