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21 March 2013

Monkey eye love crochet doll

Several day ago I had a new friend. He’s friend of my friend This boy is  fun, exciting. Early introductions because also of my craft, definetely. Last month he wanted to order. But since I returned home town , I told him to wait for me until there is time. Thenn finally I have time to him. Hahaha

He wants to a mini monkey with heart-shaped eyes and a runny nose. hahaha
Somehow there must be a snot.
Just so you know? I guess he wanted to give it to his girlfriend.
In fact oh fact It turns out for himself. Ihhh sooo cute.
Muscular boy , Diligent Gym, apparently pay much attention with my craft. Wkwkwk.
He wanted to hang it in her bag. OMO.  OMO so cutee

Strangely, he repeatedly said "Hey I'm normal!"
Whoo caree??!! I don’t car if you aren’t normal!!
Ypu should be proud can hang a craft made by Helen. :p :p :p

And here are some photos taken with cell phone cameras.
Taken in a dorm room, Surabaya.

 Taken with his bag and cute stuff from Korea. (Mini doggie)

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