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27 March 2013

Family bear amigurumi

People love teddy bear doll right? Cute adorable and unisex. Mr.Bean also love teddy bear. Hahaha tough they are not same with Mr.Bean's. They were born from Lenn's Craft.
I also loved it like all of you. Some time ago I just had an idea. Why I did not make the family teddy huh?
I imagine a harmonious family, sweet and full of peace. hihihi. Looka at them > Papa, Mama, son and daughter.

I should also have to make furniture sofas and other seeprti yes. Let this family can live more happily. Maybe next time. Cause i still haven't idea to make the miniature furniture


  1. lucu banget ada anak2nya xD

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  2. lucu bangett mbak, telaten ya bikin boneka ginian, aku pernah di tengah jalan nggak jadi2 ya udah bubar deh ><b