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24 December 2013

Christmas amigurumi doll with Lenn's Craft

Merry Christmas everyone. How does your Christmas eve last night? or maybe you still get Christmas gifts from your friends or family? Ahh how sweet if you get a Christmas gift. I'm so envious. If I still now in charge of giving a Christmas gift to the people. Primarily the result of an artificial hand.

Last year I made a Christmas deer. But This time I made a cute animal-themed Christmas. Of course the typical application christmas. Namely santa hat. Santa red shirt or dress. scarf colorful warmers and gifts. Do not forget there is a snowman. because Christmas is synonymous with a snowman.Nmaun country dear in tropical countries. So real I've never touched the snowman. only in my imagination, hohoho enjoy>. <

This is brown from Line sticker with the gift for Conny~
He looks like with Papa Santa. Bring green bag full of joy and love.

Snowball with rainbow hat. ahahahayy
See you next christmas edition, 

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