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31 October 2012

Hand drawing, Anime, Sketch, Chibi

Long time didn’t draw my hands began to feel stiff and clumsy. It's a while since I started leaving my childhood’s hobby. Even ideas were already hard to find too :(

I used to like to draw anime, manga, and chibi form. They are adorable. Am I Japanese addicted?? Haha. I’m not sure laaa.. But I have a habit when I made ​​this drawing in black and white. Until now still like to draw black-and-white style.

It seems I need to learn to draw with a computer. Uhh, who's going to teach me?? Please tutor me . *puppy eyes* Moakakak

 >> Drew a few days ago. Chibi of ma friend. Who can guess him?

 >> I gave this pic for a gift to my friend. But I'm not sure she remember this pic. And keep it  well.Cause it a  gift arround 2 years ago.

>>  My friend said, “Seems you're drawing your prince charming? Cool face and slightly messy.”
I just laugh

Aaaaa~ I do remember very well what's the story behind this sketch.  = ="
Indeed, I look absurd at the time. But  always reminds me to that person again. * giggle * == a
So what do you think will this picture? Not bad laaaa~ I try to coloured them with pencil ^^

Several kinds of expressions. Sad, mad, dizzy, happy, scared, flirtatious

I will show my other pictures in the next post. Yahhh, though my drawing is not good. But just enjoy drawing random mess I was

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