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20 October 2012

Lady bug bross and Flower crochet

In fact  I made ​​it to try competition in Jakarta art museum. Although I too late to find out the news, I still intend to follow this competition. And so hurry and hestite made it.

Unfortunately, I did not win. That's all right. I'm also aware of my work too simple. And if you compare with another craftre. Ohh Geezz, it’s like a Super Eye Catching Rose, and a super tiny street flower. Lol

I will explain what I make. It was Bross. Bross stuffed lady bug shaped and connected by a chain and pearl headed to a pastel-colored flowers.

On  that I decorated with tiny pearls. Then there are kalimantan rock that I decorate with simple irish crochet.
. That’s it

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