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11 January 2013

Hello Kitty kawaii amigurumi キティあみぐるみこんにちは

 Well, I wonder why I wrote "Take me with you"? Hahaha. I should write them down "Take me Out". Like Indonesian TV show.

It is my new design of Hello Kitty. Kawaii huh? I also love them. Even thought I had some troubles when crochet them.

I combine maroon with pink. Still analog color right? And still very compatible to me. With floral lace on her dress so as not to sweeten the bland doll. I love the photo. There is pretty flower. My Mom's flower. 

Hope you like Hello Kitty's. Because I'm sure Hello Kitty is very popular.

Next time I'll share other design of Hello Kitty * promise *
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It is the above pictured Hello kitty and friends as amigurumi made by me. Hwhwhw

Hmm seems I have to make friends to Hello Kitty .  She is The "My Melody"!

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