♥ Lenn's Craft ♥ Handmade doll ♥ Amigurumi ♥ : August 2013

09 August 2013

Super mini flanel cake

Koleksi cake flanelku yang super imut >.< 
Kecilll sekali dan amat ribet ketika aku membuatnya. *Muka serius*
Karena harus detail dan tetap rapi. Yahh, walaupun buatanku tidak rapi rapi amat yah

Diameter sekitar 1.5 cm tingginya 2 cm
hihihi. Kalau kue beneran pasti tidak aakan kenyang walau makan sepiring

Tuh lihat kecil banget kan~ Tantangan dalam membuatnya. Ada saudara sepupuku yang ingin membelinya, Namun aku tidak menjual yang koleksi ini. Khusus koleksi ini tidak dijual :p

Mini Rilakkuma doll and living room

Create something new. Yeay!!
Rilakkuma doll with two rather large size of the first one and the second one a little smaller.
Well I also made ​​a sofa, desk, TV, a small cake, light. All are made of flannel. hohoho
I intend to make a modest living room. Well here's the result. I was reminded of was a kid when mom bought me a toy house home and tiny teddy bear. And hey! I can make their own toys. lol

So friends if you are also going to make your own toys when you were little?

05 August 2013

Lenn's Craft diliput media dan menjadi covernya~

Temannn. Maafkan aku yang terlambat posting.Beberapa waktu lalu aku sempat bercerita jika Lenn's Craft diliput oleh media. Yaitu tabloid Peluang Wirausaha. Seneng sekali rasanya akhirnya kesampaian juga aku diliput. Hehehe~

Jadi cover tabloid pula. Berasa seperti model nih *pede mode on* Nahh kali ini aku akan share beberapa gambar seperti apakah wujudku yang dijadikan cover. Wuakakakk
Nah kali ini aku share sedikit fotonya yah. Walau muka aku rada kucel pas difoto. Hahaha

02 August 2013

Haroro doll - Jason Dream High doll

Talk  about Korean TV shows, Korean drama.
I made a doll that looks at the film "Dream High". Kim phil suk always hugging this stuff to remind her bout Jason.

And I also have seen her on the show runnig man. I wonder what the name of this doll. Haroro doll maybe. If you know the name of this stuff just comment and correct me  if I was wrong

Ah I do not know. Anyway there is in the movie Dream high and running man deh. I also do not really know.

Anybody want to hug this doll?

Minion crochet doll

Papoy papoy. Banana bananaaa. Seemingly ubiquitous virus minion. All knick knacks smelled minion.
Dave-Kevin-Stuart look so exist!

I was also like minion. small, yellow, and their voice is very adorable. I had also made ​​a minion shaped knickknacks. Don’t you think a little bit fat? (My doll)?
Probably because most eat bananas so fat~

Papoy are never dies! As you can see, I try to make another version. The first time I made papoy, the eye part, I crochet them. But now, I use application eye and make them have another face. haha. Still cute laa~

Running man doll by Lenn's Craft


I finally have a day off as well. Yeay hplidayy. The day that I desire. Why? Because I miss you all. Kyakyakyaa. *joking*

Surely you know the Korean TV Show that were hits! Running Man ~
I also love to watch this show. Very entertaining.

Discusses runningman. This time Lenn's Craft  making chibi doll personnel running man.

Chibi doll may not be able to have facial detail. therefore, uniform running behind this man, I added the names of personnel using hangul.

of you there may be confused. Who's that long blue hair next? It is demand of my customer. Chibi G-Dragon. Characteristic of his hair at Fantastic Baby. Sparkling blue. Rich gum. hehehe