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02 August 2013

Running man doll by Lenn's Craft


I finally have a day off as well. Yeay hplidayy. The day that I desire. Why? Because I miss you all. Kyakyakyaa. *joking*

Surely you know the Korean TV Show that were hits! Running Man ~
I also love to watch this show. Very entertaining.

Discusses runningman. This time Lenn's Craft  making chibi doll personnel running man.

Chibi doll may not be able to have facial detail. therefore, uniform running behind this man, I added the names of personnel using hangul.

of you there may be confused. Who's that long blue hair next? It is demand of my customer. Chibi G-Dragon. Characteristic of his hair at Fantastic Baby. Sparkling blue. Rich gum. hehehe

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