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20 April 2014

Colorful Scrump amigurumi- crochet doll

For some people, voodo doll is  scary for a kid. But sometimes something that could be made into a frightening look more sweet and cute. Especially for a kid and girl. As you can see in Lilo and Stich movie. Lilo has a voodo doll is tied up in a wooden stick. But with a good depiction. Doll seems cute. (for me)

I apply the same thing. I knit doll Lilo earlier. His name is scrump. In the film's color scrump Tosca. but I made with a variety of pastel colors. Let more colorful? Like a rainbow, right? Scrump not scary anymore.

They can decorate your study table with their special smile of voodo doll. Hahaha. Not that I teach you to play voodo doll. I'm just saying. Something sinister is considered to be made into something fun. So when you are afraid of something. Think positive that there is still a good side of it is that you fear.

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