♥ Lenn's Craft ♥ Handmade doll ♥ Amigurumi ♥ : December 2017

29 December 2017

Tsum tsum Aristocats crochet (marie - berlioz- toulouse)

Actually I crochet this aristocat amigurumi because I will give it to my friend. Shee is the first person to support me to make a craft and encourage me. Idk why but suddenly I remember her, then I realize that I didn't contcat her for a long time, so.. due to we are in end of year so I just want to give her a present. Present without reason. Just want to give her what she like and give her my craft..

I know she likes Marie since she was in school, then I thought it will better if I make another partner for Marie.
Do you know Berlioz and Toulous? Their name a bit rare to hear. Isn't it ? But if you a Artistocat movie lover. You must know them. They are appear with Marie too :)

If you still no idea who they are, try to watch the movie. It was fun and entertain and sure it has a great song too:) 


Boneka rajut custom Natal

Sebenernya agak telat ya posting foto boneka rajut tema Natal, tapi yang penting bisa share photo di blog :) Kalau di Instagram atau Facebook sih update tepat waktu.hoho

Singkat cerita aku selalu berusaha membuat craft sesuai timing. Misal, menjelang Natal, aku bikin tema tema Natal. Menjelang Chinese New Year, ya aku bikin tema oriental.

Jadi yang namanya berkarya juga perlu memperhatikan situasi dan kondisi, apalagi kita sebagai seller juga. Pinter-pinter bikin sesuatu lah..

Buat temen-temen yang mau custom sesuaikan timing. Silakan langsung kontak ya :)