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29 December 2017

Tsum tsum Aristocats crochet (marie - berlioz- toulouse)

Actually I crochet this aristocat amigurumi because I will give it to my friend. Shee is the first person to support me to make a craft and encourage me. Idk why but suddenly I remember her, then I realize that I didn't contcat her for a long time, so.. due to we are in end of year so I just want to give her a present. Present without reason. Just want to give her what she like and give her my craft..

I know she likes Marie since she was in school, then I thought it will better if I make another partner for Marie.
Do you know Berlioz and Toulous? Their name a bit rare to hear. Isn't it ? But if you a Artistocat movie lover. You must know them. They are appear with Marie too :)

If you still no idea who they are, try to watch the movie. It was fun and entertain and sure it has a great song too:) 


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