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31 December 2012

Lenn's craft Collection . Cutie handicraft~

Happy New Year 2013 everyone .. How are you? What do you do last night? Dinner with the family? Or play fireworks?
Hope you enjoyed the New Year's Eve yaa ~

As usual I will be exhibiting my work. But it's actually my work a few months ago. But I have not had time to post because the schedule is quite confusing.

So in 2012 I did some experiments in the world of craft.
As seen in the picture. That is some craft actions.
Crochet doll >> as usual.
Flannel / Felt art >> Rilakkuma and small cakes . (How cute and tiny >.<)
Sock puppets> Pinky Pig
Crochet stuff> Under monkey doll
Handmade roses> Side Rilakkuma. It was made ​​of silk. I like the roses. What about you guys?
Plushy> 3 mochi. Attention. It mochi cake! not the painted chicks yaa .. hahaa

I'm planning to play Clay in this year. Next time I would post my work clay. Keep reading ma blog ~. Follow me too yaa.

Btw, I hope this year we are moving forward. All the best for us.
What your resolutions?? MyResolutions pretty much.
-Develop my craft. Lenn's Craft :*
-Developing Fashion design. I also love the world of fashion design. But I did not dare show it. still ugly!

And it seems too many resolutions *dizziness*
The point I want to become a person that is "awesome" and growing.
Once again Happy new year * Kisses *

26 December 2012

Santa's Reindeer handicraft

As I promised yesterday. I will show you my work. Be reindeer Santa Claus. Considering we're still in the Christmas mood. Yuhuuu ~

Don't you know why Santa Claus chose reindeer to pull his chariot as a pet?
I've heard the story of when I was little. In short story, in the pole reindeer only animals that have a good heart and friendly. I think penguins also friendly and cute. Do not you think?
But the logic , let's imagine. if pinguin want to pull the train of santa. When it will arrive? How much penguins that Santa need?  lol

Well. they are santa's reindeer and her son. 

And when they had finished and ready to decor my room. Apparently my brother  saw them. and they kidnapped!! No! he really kidnap it!

Okay my brother seems to give it to someone. Who is she/he? *curious*

17 December 2012

Taecyeon and Junho 2Pm got gift cute crochet doll from their fans!

Remember the December 8th concert 2PM yesterday in Jakarta?
Korean Boyband is booming in all corners of the world. All ages and all classes. This time I will tell you my experience between my craft and 2PM.

Not because 2PM asked me to crochet for them. Or 2PM personnel suddenly came to my house and sing dan dance "Put your hand up".
If it  possible happened to me I wanna climb a tree before the house because I was too excited. Woakakaka *devil laugh*
Okay forget morron fantasy.

So there was a girl contact me , she asked  to make Okcat. You know okcat? Cute green cat is often brought on by Taecyeon!! Cute huh? Taecyon a manly bring green cat dolls? >. < Kyaaaa~ too cute honestly!

The plan when 2PM concert, my customer  would give this dolly to Taecyeon. Uhh I should have left a love letter and a picture of me for them! Understandably I was also one of the fans of 2PM. But the poor fan so I can’t go to their concert! hahaha

Furthermore, friend of  my customer also ordered stuffed gray cat. And it also will be given to Junho. Junho have  gray cat named Ggomaengi. Gray cat carrying a watermelon. Why watermelon? It was said Junho with fruit like watermelon. How cute the hottest for sure . They really know all bout their idols~
(call for fans of 2PM)
I actually change the color to red ribbon. but because I possess a limited time,  I ‘ve no photos yet.

29 November 2012

Jokowi dalam bentuk rajutan :p

Okeh, kalo kita lihat di berita Indonesia, semua stasiun TV sedang heboh membahas sosok Gubernur Jokowi. Sosok fenomenal tapi saya akui. He's great. 

Kalo kita para masyarakat Indonesia pasti tau banget kalau Jokowi dari awal masa kampaye suka memakai baju kotak-kotak. Rasanya jadi ciri khasnya banget.

Lalu terlintas 'Buat boneka rajut Jokowi cute juga nih." Ditambah lagi dukungan teman :) 
Yah memang sih buat boneka handmade itu kendalanya di bagian wajah. Susahh banget buat wajah yang miripp. 

Tapi temanku Glenn, photographer yang kece memberi saran. "Ealaah Pak Jokowi kan identik baju kotak merah to? Yaudah Crochet mu dikasi baju kotak" 


Mirip ga mirip kalian diem aja ya.. *Maluu* Hahaha . Ini kalo kalo Pak'e mampir ke perumahanku, aku bela belain dehh unyek-unyekan sama ibu ibu demi kasihin ini bonekaa. *Mata belo*

25 November 2012

Wedding Bunny amigurumi (Boneka rajut super cute)

I originally made ​​it for a wedding present my work partner. You could say me, friend, boss, helper, too. At that time she will get married and I’m goin to make special gifts.

But after I share this photo in my facebook account. There is someone really wants to buy it.

Troubled. I will give to marriage between one or friend who is also very eager.

And finally I have a sparkling idea! I would make more luxurious gifts for weddings and special partner me. Still on “Wedding Theme”

Problems finished. Ahahahahayy!

24 November 2012

Boneka rajut Unicorn

Dan ini juga adalah karya awal awalku. Sejujurnya aku sendiri awalnya tidak tau apa itu unicorn. Namun karena sering mendengarnya di sebuah film kartun. *masih suka nonton film kartun* Akhirnya penasaran juga mencari tau sosok imutnya unicorn. Lalu kenapa tidak aku coba buat kerajinan tangannya? Toh juga bagus kok.

Lalu dimanakah sosok unicorn ini berada? Aku memberikannya kepada teman dan parter kerjaku, Mba Romlah. Aku sempat kerja magang dikala aku masih jadi pengangguran. Hwhwh. 

Nah di tempat magang itulah (Qay's) aku banyak belajar dan eksplore imajinasiku. Pemilik tempat itu super baik dehh! Mantab cynn! Thanks banget ^^

Dann ini adalah uncorn versi ungunyaa

Tuxedo fat penguin Crochet

Batik tiger couple flight to Taiwan

I have a elder classmate who study in Taiwan now. At that time there was some kind of event on campus at college fairs. But the theme is to raise cultural country with the mascot of the show. At that time, the mascot is a tiger.

Before long, my friend asked me to create a new design. Make stuffed tiger form shapes using Batik. And the doll had a pair. Girl and boy ^ ^

Hopefully Batik can be more known to the public anywhere. Love your country's product friends.

Wah screwed! Actually I had a picture of this tiger was carrying flags of Indonesia and Taiwan. Of course my hand-made flag. Ahh but I forgot where I save the file photo. *panic sad

Boneka rajut White Bunny

Ini adalah karyaku saat aku masih pemula. Masih belajar di awal awalnya. Bagaimana? Tidak terlalu buruk kan?? Mungkin fotonya agak sedikit jelek. maklum diambil dengan hp yang resolusi kamera rendah. Aahhh mungkin kalu difoto oleh fotografer top , hasilnya bisa lebih menggoda :p

Oh ya, aku baru saja membuat page di facebook . Nah temen temen sempatkan diri kalian untuk Like ya. Memang sih jarang aku upload di Facebook. Aku lebih memilig upload di blog, agar jangkauan lebih luas ^^

31 October 2012

Hand drawing, Anime, Sketch, Chibi

Long time didn’t draw my hands began to feel stiff and clumsy. It's a while since I started leaving my childhood’s hobby. Even ideas were already hard to find too :(

I used to like to draw anime, manga, and chibi form. They are adorable. Am I Japanese addicted?? Haha. I’m not sure laaa.. But I have a habit when I made ​​this drawing in black and white. Until now still like to draw black-and-white style.

It seems I need to learn to draw with a computer. Uhh, who's going to teach me?? Please tutor me . *puppy eyes* Moakakak

 >> Drew a few days ago. Chibi of ma friend. Who can guess him?

 >> I gave this pic for a gift to my friend. But I'm not sure she remember this pic. And keep it  well.Cause it a  gift arround 2 years ago.

>>  My friend said, “Seems you're drawing your prince charming? Cool face and slightly messy.”
I just laugh

Aaaaa~ I do remember very well what's the story behind this sketch.  = ="
Indeed, I look absurd at the time. But  always reminds me to that person again. * giggle * == a
So what do you think will this picture? Not bad laaaa~ I try to coloured them with pencil ^^

Several kinds of expressions. Sad, mad, dizzy, happy, scared, flirtatious

I will show my other pictures in the next post. Yahhh, though my drawing is not good. But just enjoy drawing random mess I was

23 October 2012

Halloween Time Zombie couple crochet art

Halloween time? Yes, this week is Halloween time. But in my country we are never pay much attention for celebrate it. Yeah, just some people who make a Halloween party. Just for Fun and follow US culture, definitely.

How ‘bout me? Honestly I don’t know anything ‘bout Halloween *slapped*  I just only know, this is an event for people to wear their horror or unique stuff and dancing till late. And if I’ve watched televison, children said “Trick or treat”. Then an adult gonna give them much of candies.

Okay, how if I do same thing like them? I wear Sailor moon stuff and walk around the street. Then I shout “trick or treat??”  Will the people give me much of money? I wish it happened.

Forget my morron imagination. Then I wanna show you “zombie doll” . According me, it’s far away from horror or repugnant things. It’s totally cute!! I try to change paradigm people ‘bout zombie. Zombie doll, Do you think they are so lovely?? Hehehe

Sorry for late posting bout this stuff, actually it is my friend’s request. She’ve given to her boy. Hahaha. She prefer gave him Zombie doll than Couple teddy. I don’t know what the reasons. Maybe they are looks like Zombie? *peace girl*

21 October 2012

Crochet accessories bracelet

Instead of spending the time to walk sight seiing in the mall I decided to make a unique piece. Initially interested in making accessories of crochet.

I've bought various kinds of yarn, buy a variety of accessories ornament too. But the reaction from friends was not too good. They say as Auntie. Geez,  according me it’s cute ,elegant and unique. They kidding me maybe. Hahaha. But it’s okay. Criticism will help. Rite?

Actually there are many other photos. Since quite a lot of accessories that I make. But it's just that I'm ashamed for posting. Two photos is enough J

20 October 2012

Lady bug bross and Flower crochet

In fact  I made ​​it to try competition in Jakarta art museum. Although I too late to find out the news, I still intend to follow this competition. And so hurry and hestite made it.

Unfortunately, I did not win. That's all right. I'm also aware of my work too simple. And if you compare with another craftre. Ohh Geezz, it’s like a Super Eye Catching Rose, and a super tiny street flower. Lol

I will explain what I make. It was Bross. Bross stuffed lady bug shaped and connected by a chain and pearl headed to a pastel-colored flowers.

On  that I decorated with tiny pearls. Then there are kalimantan rock that I decorate with simple irish crochet.
. That’s it

Pouch "Camera"

shaped lomo camera. It's for your gadget pouch

Irish crochet

This is my first irish crochet. To be honest a bit difficult to made. But my curiosity is very strong. So even had to repeat many times, I'm willing. I use a super fine cotton yarn. Made in German. And using super small hook.

Apparently need extra patience. huft
But I feel satisfied after see the result. *clingg*

15 October 2012

Sock Doll- Piggy sock doll

This is the first project in the making cute stuff from socks. Of course, instead of using the expensive socks at sox gallery. I bought these socks on the sidewalk for  under 10 thousand Rupiah. Obviously choose the cheapest. Hahaha. No way I'm buying the expensive one then I cut it into pieces to experiment.

Unless I'm proficient in making and sewing sock doll. Expensive materials will keep me buying!!!

How do you think this fat pig? Still a mess?
Yes should be forgiven. This is my first project folks.

Another Piggy plushy but Still a mess. I don't know how can a make it being neat

14 October 2012

Birthday Gift doll couple doll crochet

Couple doll for a boylfriend's birthday present. Hmmm in the story, the girl brought a surprise cake for her boyfriend. Hahaha. Sorry I can make a great photo to explain the meaning of my imagination.

13 October 2012

Couple teddy dark brown crochet stuff by Lenn's Craft

Lots of people loved this stuff so much and i have received lots of request of this one. Both of I use dark brown or light brown.
I just change the colour of hat and tie for the teddy boy. And just so you know, I made them for my lovely customer who really need it. So, I have to crochet till late night. Ache all over but fun.
When he smiles and praise my craft. Hands and back pain gone. lol