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11 August 2012

Jae Joong Chibi doll

Kim Jae Joong is my favorite singer from Korea. First time love him when he sing with DBSK. But something happened with DBSK and they changed being JYJ.

 In my eyes. Jae Joong looks super cute and stunning, despite lots of my friend said " He is pretty boy, it looks not a 'man' ".

 Oh Dear please don't you you how much I adore pretty boy with pale skin and pinkish lips?
Forget pretty boy or whatever they called.

 So , I started take my cotton yarn and hook. As usual. you know what I'm thinking of ^^ Crocheting Jae Joong chibi with my own design.
Mini chibi with height 10 cm. Hug Jae Joong oppa :*

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